Why should I sell bath bombs?

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Why should I sell bath bombs?

We offer Wholesale bath bombs for resale & to the public. We also offer private label with your info. We offer over 40+ handmade premium bath bombs at below wholesale pricing. These large bath fizzes are becoming 2016's hot item quickly! Free shipping on all orders over $75. Feel free to call us 365 at our Toll Free Number 877-302-2322 we would love to help you anyway we can. You can also email us anytime at lotionfast@gmail.com




Why should I sell bath bombs

bath bombs are very popular in 2016 and will surely increase your sales as well as profit! The good thing about selling bath bombs is they come in all different shapes, colors & sizes. They are also good gifts for men, women and children of all ages. 

What is a bath bomb

A bath bomb is a ball that you place into your bath tub. It will fizz and change the color of the water as well as add fragrance and oils to soften your skin. Bath bombs are a fun exciting way to take a bath. Bath bombs have become very popular over the last 3 years and are a great seller. If you are selling in salons, retail stores, online,farmers market, kiosk, flea markets etc this will be a great product to add. We are located in a small town called Laporte approximately 1 hour outside of Chicago


Article written by Joshua Crisp 



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