wholesale ring bath bombs made in usa




What is a wholesale ring bath bomb

A ring bath bomb is a bath bomb that contains a ring in the inside. These bath bombs are still made the same way that we make our other bath bombs. The only difference is the ring is placed in the inside of the bath bomb. The ring will be placed in the inside of a plastic capsule. This helps to protect the ring as well as makes the ring float to the top of the water. 

ring bath bombs wholesale made in the usa  

How do you get the ring out of the bath bomb

Place the bath bomb in the water once the bath bomb is done fizzing the plastic bubble will float to the top of the water. Inside the plastic bubble will be your amazing ring. Such a exciting thing to see and participate in. 


How much do I sell the ring bath bomb for? 

Our amazing ring bath bombs retail for between $15-$20 


How much do the ring bath bomb weigh? 

Our ring bath bombs weigh approximately 5oz and are al little larger then a tennis ball. 









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wholesale ring bath bombs

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