4 Most Common Questions to Sellers of Organic Sugar Scrub Wholesale

Organic sugar scrubs are one of the most highly sought after body scrubs because of the amazing benefits of sugar on skin. Sugar scrub acts as a skin moisturizer and exfoliator. These are two of the most important things to keep our skin looking youthful and radiant.

So it’s not a surprise when we started seeing a spike in demand for organic sugar scrubs. The demand is so high that more and more people are thinking of purchasing these from sellers of organic sugar scrub wholesale. If you’re one of them, you might want to keep these questions in mind. Make sure you have the answers to these questions on hand before you start selling wholesale organic sugar body scrubs:

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1. What Are Your Wholesale Prices?

The first thing people will ask you is what are your wholesale organic sugar body scrubs prices. You need to list the prices precisely to answer this question easily. To determine your prices from the wholesale prices, identify the total cost of materials and labor and then double that. Factor in transportation costs, shipping rates, and transaction costs. You also need to scout the market and see the prices your competitors are offering. See if you can offer more competitive rates than them.


2. What's Your Minimum?

This question simply means “what’s the minimum order to qualify for wholesale price.” If you want to offer discounts like this, it is entirely up to you. You can base it on either total value of order or number of items. For example, some sellers of organic sugar scrub wholesale require a minimum number of items to get a wholesale price. Some wholesalers base the minimum order on the total value. This simply means that the buyer needs to order a minimum of $100 for example to get wholesale discounts.


3. What Are the Forms and Terms of Payment?

You need to have a good payment system in place. Are you going to accept credit cards, bank payments, cash on delivery, or all three? If you take orders online, customers are likely going to use credit cards and Paypal for convenience. You can also accept bank deposits or cash on delivery for clients who have no credit cards or Paypal accounts.

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4. What's Your Turn Around Time?

TAT means how long it will take to process the order and ship the wholesale order to the customer. Customers already expect to have to wait for a while to get the bulk order, but exceeding beyond two weeks is generally considered slow. Try to have a TAT of less than two weeks, but if that’s not possible, be honest and take your time. Your customers will want to wait if your products are worth it.

These are the four most commonly asked questions to sellers of organic sugar scrub wholesale. Preparing your product and price list before accepting orders is a good way to save time for both you and your customers. You will also need to have a secure payment system to make things convenient and secured for you and your buyers. Having these things ready before accepting orders for wholesale organic sugar body scrubs will streamline your selling process and enhance customer relations as well.