FAQ'S About Bath Bombs


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People are always trying different things and new items to have a fresh experience in some common moments of the day, things we usually do from time to time or even daily, like taking a nice bath. From wedding souvenir to gifts, wholesale bath bombs, also known as bath fizzies are a mixture of ingredients with amazing scents usually used to add essential oils and change color to the bath water, making it even more interesting and relaxing. You can also customize it to your own preferences in your own home, it´s a quite simple task if you read a few tutorials about it.


The Aspect
Assuming you are going to make your own bath bombs, you don´t have to follow the most common shapes but if you´re just willing to buy and enjoy it, the bath bombs are generally spherical and colored, they usually have the size of a tennis ball or a little smaller.

Why you should try it
The bath bombs will certainly give you a new feeling, a new freshness for your bath with the amazing scents that will keep you relaxed or even set a romantic mood for a bath with your lover. You can also share the feeling of the tickling bubbles on the water and get creative with it…Last but not least, bath bombs can also soften and improve your skin condition.

How to Use Your Bath Bombs
First things first, you should start creating a nice environment for your bath time, maybe some soft music (like “Sade” or “Norah Jones” maybe?), candles and a warm water can help you to get in the right mood.

Only a few people realize that, but bath bombs can be used for sinus relief, not all of them but if you buy one that contains eucalyptus it can be very helpful, so just warm up your water, drop your bath bomb in it, just breathing next to it can bring a sinus relief. The Bath bombs can also be used on aromatherapy of course, many of them contain essential oils that can enhance your energy or even balance your mood. These essential oils are the ingredients that set the scent of the bath bomb, so be careful and pick the ones that you like already. It really depends on your needs, if you need an energy boost for example, you can try the lemon essential oil, it will help you feel fresh and energized again. If you´re going through a rough path such as depression, you can try to ease it with a Rose Essential Oil, or even a lavender essential oil to reduce stress and anxiety.
You should not wait for a long time to use your bath bomb, they will keep their form if they are stored in a dry place but the fresher they are, the fizzier they will be in contact with water, so don´t wait much longer to use your bombs!
We don´t need to say that you will be in the tub for a little while, so you should bring something with you, to spend this time while relaxing your body. You can bring a book, maybe a nice drink or even something to eat.
If you need more options:
Bath bombs can be an air freshner, you might even find some bath bombs really hard to use because “they just look so good”, so you´re afraid to throw it in a bath tub, you can let it as a display in your bathroom, maybe near a mirror or in a nice dish with some flowers…The fragrance will stay effective in your bathroom and will not be overpowering at all.
You can also use shower fizzies and let them at the floor of your shower so they will release the fragrance when the water hits it, making the shower fizzy dissolve, releasing a beautiful blend of essential oils and their fragrance in the shower, this can also be very relaxing as the bath bombs. Shower fizzies are very similar to bath bombs, but they have less oils so your shower´s floor doesn´t get too slippery.







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