4 Reasons to Sell Wholesale Sugar Scrub Jars

Sugar scrubs are one the latest beauty craze as these scrubs have amazing skin benefits ranging from moisturizing to exfoliating. This is especially popular among women who want to stay youthful and radiant through the years despite harsh environment factors.

The body scrub industry is highly profitable. One way to ride on this is to sell wholesale sugar scrub jars along with sugar scrubs. Offering this tandem, you will reap benefits you may not have thought of before:

Find the Best Wholesale Sugar Scrub Jars


#1: Become a One-Stop Shop for Sugar Scrub Sellers

If you’re already selling sugar scrubs, you’re missing out on an opportunity if you’re not selling sugar scrub jars yet. Instead of buying the jars elsewhere, your customers can just buy them from you as well. Increasing your profits and making you a convenient and reliable one-stop shop for wholesale suppliers of sugar scrubs.

You can also offer packages where your customers can get discounts if they buy sugar scrubs and sugar scrub glass jars from you. For example, if they buy 100 packs of sugar scrubs and 100 pieces of sugar scrub glass jars, they can avail of a 20% discount. Nothing charms customers more than a discount!

#2. Build on Your Brand

Wholesale items are usually re-branded according to the wholesaler’s preferences. You can easily re-brand the wholesale sugar scrub jars to make them yours in any way you want. You can engrave your business’ name or attach some stickers to mark the jars as yours. This will increase your customers’ retention of your brand, keeping you at the forefront of their minds as they think about wholesale suppliers of sugar scrub glass jars.

Sugar Scrub Glass Jars for Your Retail Business

#3. Diversify

Sugar scrub jars can also be used as containers for other items such as food, arts and crafts supplies, seeds, and many others. They can be used as giveaways or souvenirs during weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions. This means that you can gain more customers with just one product. You can market your sugar scrub glass jars to party organizers, DIYers, and just about anybody who can benefit from the jars. The key is to be creative when thinking of ways to market your products!

#4. Gain Industry Knowledge

Understanding an industry’s flow of supply chain allows entrepreneurs to gain further insight on how to best navigate the established system. Gain more knowledge of how sugar scrubs and sugar scrub glass jars are being produced, who produces them, who has the lowest prices, and how they are being marketed to consumers. As you gain this knowledge, you will have a more thorough understanding of how you can get the most of each deal. For example, you will know the difference between each supplier, and you will also know the unwritten rules or tacit practices involved in negotiating with wholesale suppliers of sugar scrub and sugar scrub glass jars.


Diversifying your products by offering wholesale sugar scrub jars is one step towards being an established authority among wholesale suppliers of sugar scrub. Position yourself as a go-to provider of wholesale sugar scrub related products and see a spike in your profits.