Need Party Prizes? Try Bath Bombs with Jewelry!

One of the tiny details of organizing a party that we often deal with at the last minute is that game prizes. However, without fantastic prizes, how will your guests be enticed to participate?

If you’re looking for unusual party prizes, something that people may not be expecting, fragrant bath bombs with jewelry inside could be perfect for you! These tiny round balls add more fun to an ordinary bath time and can be a great addition to your guests’ set of favorite bath products.

Bath Bombs with Jewelry are Great for Parties!

Try Bath Bombs with Rings Inside As a Winner Prize

Ring bath bombs are a great prize for winners of party games. The great thing about bath bombs with rings inside is that it’s filled with surprises. Your guests will never know that a ring is waiting inside for them, and if they do know that there’s a ring, they still have the pleasure of anticipating what it will look like!

This is perfect if your guests are women since many of the bath bombs with rings inside have feminine rings that can only fit women’s fingers. If you want to give the bomb jewels as prizes for men as well, make sure to ask your wholesale supplier if they have jewelry bombs with rings for men.

Of course, you can also use bath jewelry bombs with other jewels like necklace or pearl earrings.

Bath Jewelry Bombs with Prizes Inside

Aside from bath bombs with jewelry, there are also bath jewelry bombs with prizes inside. What prizes? This can range from toys to trinkets.

Fizzies with toys are great to use as prizes for kids parties. Fizzies are safe for kids as they’re made of mild ingredients. They will also have more fun at bath time because of the colored and scented water they get to splash around in. Who knows, the bath jewelry bombs with prizes inside can even make it easier for their parents to convince them to take a dip!

Other bath bombs have trinkets like small flowers, petals, or other cute little things. You can use these as consolidation prizes for game participants who didn’t win.

Ring Bath Bomb Party

Try Bath Bombs with JewelryBath bombs are so awesome that you can structure an entire ring bath bomb party around them! Host a party with jewelry bombs as the theme. A ring bath bomb party can have ring bombs as souvenirs, scented candles lying about, and a relaxing yet not sleep-inducing music.

As with the previous suggestions, in your ring bath bomb party, you can use ring bombs hiding a lovely piece of jewelry as the main prize for game champions.

Bath Bombs with Jewelry are Perfect Party Prizes and Souvenirs!

Your guests will surely love the unique idea of giving lavender, rose, and other scents of jewelry bombs as prizes and souvenirs for your party. It will work best if most of your guests are women since the hidden pieces of jewelry are often for women.

Fizzies are affordable fun, unique, and easy to pack and personalize – all the great things you’re looking for the ideal party prizes. So shop now for your fragrant bath bombs with jewelry!