Benefit a Great Deal by Purchasing Bath Bombs in Bulk From "Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers" for Personal Consumption and Retail Business Success

Are you fond of bath bombs? Do you enjoy collecting various scents and flavors of bath bombs?

Then make the most out of your interest in bombs and cash in on them by starting a retail distribution business focusing on bath fizzies.

However, if you do not wish to make a business out of bath bombs, you can always continue your collection of as many of them for your own personal satisfaction.

You can buy an assortment of bath bombs in bulk for as many as 200 pieces at only $297.99 from Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers.

Why Should You Purchase Bath Bombs in Bulk

If you want to venture into retail distribution business focusing on bath fizzies, buying bath bombs in bulk will make for a great start.Why Should You Purchase Bath Bombs in Bulk?

Yet if you only want to hoard for your individual collection and use, bath bombs in bulk can also give you a great deal.

Presented here are the ways of how you can take advantage of bath bombs in bulk for retail business, the reasons why you should choose Lotion Fast as your bath bombs supplier on wholesale basis, and the choices of scents and flavors offered by Lotion Fast.

How You Can Take Advantage of Bath Bombs in Bulk for Retail Business

How You Can Take Advantage of Bath Bombs in Bulk for Retail Business

Whether you are already an established business owner of a personal care line or you will only be starting on you dream retail business concentrating on skincare, you can also rely on bath bombs in bulk to add to your collection of bath items or entirely focus on them.

As well, regardless if you already have a physical shop or you are an online seller, there is so many opportunities for greater inflow of profits with your purchase of bath bombs in bulk.

Lotion Fast will gladly assist and walk you through the process of establishing your business, from the wholesale purchase to the retail pricing.

How You Can Take Advantage of Bath Bombs in Bulk for Individual Collection

As Lotion Fast’s regular private customer, you can accumulate your personal collection of fizzies by buying bath bombs in bulk.

We can give you a very good deal with heavily discounted prices when you buy bath fizzies in wholesale. In this way, piling up of your bath bomb collection will even be more fun.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose to Buy from Lotion Fast

Our Clients' Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Our over 5,500 satisfied regular clients can attest to our entirely hassle-free sales transactions.

We do not make them go through any forms of trouble with a series of paperwork prior to approval of orders. Orders are ready within the next 48 hours after confirmation and within the same timeline shipment is done upon receipt of payment.

We, at Lotion Fast, would never keep you waiting. We value you as our worthy clients and so we would not want to waste any of your time in your investment with us especially if you are a retailer.

In this light, we even have money back guarantee without any questions asked should you think you are not satisfied with products.  

lotionfast has high customer satisfactory rating

We Are Environment-Friendly

All 100 % US-made and vegan products are handcrafted using only the finest all-organic and natural ingredients.

We are against animal-testing and we do not make use of any ingredients taken off of animals. Our bath bombs in bulk are also free of any harmful chemicals and do not even include paraben.

We Private Label Bath Bombs in Bulk Free of Charge

In spite of the pouring in of countless orders, we find and make time to private label bath bombs in bulk free of charge. We do this to better serve the satisfaction of our clients which you all deserve.

Your Bath Bomb Choices from Lotion Fast

Lotion Fast offers bath bombs in bulk in their original and regular kinds as well as the popular ring bath bombs. We even have bath fizzies with necklaces inside them and surprise toys for your kids too.

Our Original Bath Bomb Collection

Our Original Bath Bomb Collection

We have more than 60 types of bath fizzies to offer you to revel and delight in. These variants comes in a great number of color combinations, scents, and essential oil ingredients.

Each of these is meticulously and carefully concocted and made into 4.5 ounce of bath bombs. They have amazing healing properties as well as the great-smelling scents.

Our Original Collection of Bath Bombs with a Ring Inside

In the recent year, bath fizzies with rings have garnered attention and so much popularity. This has helped us expand our market base to an even farther extent.

Ring bath bombs are our original concoctions of bombs only with a ring inside each of them. We have a collection of ring designs to give you a pleasant surprise as you soak in and relish our bath fizzies in your bathtub for an even more wonderful home spa experience.

Our Original Collection of Bath Bombs with a Necklace Inside

Following the ring bath fizzies, we have added necklace bath bombs to our collection of jewelry fizzies.


These necklaces of princess-length lace have a variety of stones. These pendants will definitely make your bathing experience even more special.

Our Original Collection of Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys Inside

Our Original Collection of Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys Inside

Because our bombs are so healthful that even kids can soak in them, our surprise toy bath bombs are our way of encouraging your children to use our fizzies.

The surprise toy within the bath bombs will surface and float atop the bath tub water after the bomb has completely fizzled and foamed.

Our surprise toys come in a variety of cartoon characters in different colors for your kids to enjoy their bath time even more.

Some of Our Bath Bomb Flavors and Scents

Presented here are some of our many luxurious and luscious bath bomb concoctions to entice your senses.


Mistletoe bath bomb is that bath bomb with the smell of Christmas and yet can satisfy your spa treatment cravings all year-round. It is a blend of different berries.

Even the hue and appearance are so attractive that you will hardly resist our Mistletoe bath bomb with its beautiful shade of teal with a strip of silver glitter which will surely remind and take you to the yuletide season at any time of the year. This is one of the bestsellers which Lotion Fast boasts of.

almond coconut

Almond Coconut

This bath bomb colored brown with a strip of white is so nourishing with the healthful combination of coconut and almond, components which refresh and smooth the skin, and also rids it of harmful toxins in the body.

Almond coconut is so revitalizing that it will remind you and take your mind to the beauty of the oriental tropical islands.

Birthday Cake

Entirely white and dashed with multiple colors of sprinkles atop it, the Birthday Cake bath bomb is so delicious-smelling that it will pass off as a dessert. In spite of its name, just like the Mistletoe bath bomb, the Birthday Cake fizzy can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

It will work best if you order it as a surprise toy bath bomb. Your kids will surely love it. Birthday Cake will also work great as a souvenir item to be given away during your organized special occasions.

Bergamot Lime

The Bergamot Lime is founded on citrus and subtle floral notes. It gives off a crisp and clean yet sumptuous fragrance that is great for your at-home aromatherapy.

As for its name, the healing and revitalizing bergamot is the essential oil that is blended in with this bath bomb flavor.

Cherry Almond

The sweet, perfume-like smell of Cherry Almond bath bomb will make you not want to leave your bath tub as soon as you soak it. It has a clear white hue that is accented with an almond brown that will wonderfully fizzle, froth and sparkle in your bathtub water.

Chocolate Mint

Classically represented with the colors mint green and chocolate brown, the Chocolate Mint bath fizzy will treat you to spa treatment like you are lounging and lingering in a chocolate factory where the finest chocolate fondue is being created with a very nice twist of mint to accentuate it.



Made from real ground coffee beans, the Coffee bath bomb will definitely help you eliminate the toxins in your body and skin in a delightful way.

While Chocolate Mint takes you aboard a chocolate factory tour, the Coffee bath fizzy will take you to an old-fashioned coffee brewery house. The relaxing scent of this bomb flavor will awaken your senses yet at the same time calm down your stresses and tensions.

Cool Fresh Aloe

Another one of our top sellers, the Cool Fresh Aloe bath bomb will give off a pretty swirling of green sparkles and bubbles in your tub water.

It is made up of aloe vera as its main note and major component with other essential oils to help enhance its fragrance. While aloe vera is known to treat hair loss, it is also great for healing any irritations or inflammations on the skin.

Cool Water

Cool Water bath bomb smells clean and crisp like some fresh linen. It will fizzle and bubble into swirls and waves of a cool ocean water blue. The sea salt atop the Cool Water will add to the raw and nip feel of your bathing experience.

Crazy Love

Crazy Love bath bomb is a lovely mix of black currant, peony, strawberry, jasmine and tiger lily with amber, musk and patchouli as its base notes. It comes in a hot pink hue that is accented with real petals atop it to scatter once thrown in the bathtub.

Cucumber Melon

An apparent blend of the healthy cucumber and the sweet melon, this bath bomb variant will fill your room with a truly sweet aroma to relax and revive your stressed muscles and tired skin after a long day of work.

This will be the type of leisure which you will certainly keep looking for once you have tried it.


True to its names, Festival bath fizzy is a real festivity with its entirely bright yellow hue with colorful sprinkles on top of it. It will be a really fun and fruity spa treatment experience for you.



Another one of our variants that is great for aromatherapy, Eucalyptus bath bomb from Lotion Fast has a purely eucalyptus scent like no other given its purely organic and natural concoction of true menthol.

It is very soothing and healing and it will be great if you soak in Eucalyptus bomb if you have any cold or flu. It will be therapeutic and spa-like all in one.

Gold and Glitter

Gold and Glitter is luxury and uniquely classy fragrance in one bath bomb. You will definitely enjoy the wondrous color it will give off as you use it in your tub water.


The classic Honeysuckle is interspersed with cherry, lilac, grape, rose, and jasmine to send out an amazing fragrance to fill your room. The Honeysuckle bath bomb comes in a shade of honey yellow with real flower petals buds on top of it.

Kiss Me

Formerly known as Lotion Fast’s Midnight Lover bath bomb, Kiss Me is another bestselling bomb variation that comes in a lovely combination of red and purple and exudes a just as lovely fragrances.

Moroccan Vanilla

The Moroccan Vanilla fizzy is infused with oats. It spews the romantic and luscious vanilla scent that will be great with a necklace or a ring inside it. You may choose the jewelry variant of Moroccan Vanilla to complement the sweetness that it already is.

Pina Colada

Your favorite tropical drink is now turned into something you can bathe in. Let Pina Colada bath fizzy take you on a Miami vacation with the sweet and juicy coconut and pineapple scents that it exudes.

Are you enticed yet?

Hurry and do not hesitate to give us a call at Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers. Order as many bath bombs in bulk to your liking and we will be more than willing to give you the best deals.