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You guys asked for it and here it is! Jewelry bath bombs. You can now add a beautiful ring to any of our 50+ wholesale bath bombs! Minimum of 20 per fragrance. Our famous premium bath bombs with a surprise inside! Each bath fizzie will have a ring inside of a plastic capsule. The plastic capsule will protect the ring and float to the top of the water once the bath bomb is done fizzing. This is the hottest thing in 2016-2017! These are retailing between $16-20 EACH!

Lotion Fast is proud to offer the largest selection of bath bombs with rings in them on the INTERNET! Call or email us about your bulk order today! Best prices guaranteed! Largest selection guaranteed!

Why buy ring bath bombs from lotion fast?
The same premium bath bombs you all love made fresh to order with a surprise ring inside! Our bath bombs are 4.5 oz and the size of a tennis ball. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Start selling bath bombs today you can thank us later.

Can I make Money selling private label ring bath bombs?
Yes, You can make very good money selling our luxurious ring bath bombs. All of our products offer very good margin for our customers. Ring bath bombs are the hottest thing out and our selling faster then we can make them! Info provided by Joshua Crisp

What are people saying about our ring bath bombs?

" One of the most exciting presents I have opened yet, I could not wait to open the plastic ball to see which ring I got!" -Eileen Johnson

"It's like 2 gifts at once! I could not be happier! -Amber Smith

"My daughter absolutely loves her new ring and talks about how soft her skin is when she gets out of the bath. Never thought I would be able to kill 2 birds with one stone! Thanks Lotion Fast!" -Jonathan Langford

"I sold 75 of these Saturday alone at our festival! I can't believe it you guys were right! Im glad I added this to our products. I can't wait till christmas!" -Samantha bradford

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