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Bath Bombs – History, Types, Manufacturing and their Uses

Wholesale bath bombs are in style these days. Women are going crazy after bath bombs. They are now coming in different shapes and sizes with various fragrances available. Hitherto, we will be discussing every minor and major detail of bath bombs and how they were introduced to us.

History of bath bombs
Most women are now using bath bombs, but they are not aware where they came from. The question arises that who invented bath bombs in the first place? Research confirms that Mo Constantine was the first person to make bath bombs. He was the only person to know the chemical formulae of making bath bombs for us. The sole reason to invent a bath bomb was to provide a relaxed feeling. The bath bombs were first introduced by LUSH Cosmetics in 1989. Mo innovated this product in the first place.

Mo Constantine has given us a broad range of bath the bombs with various fragrances. Furthermore, she has made bath bombs of different layers of each color. Once they are put in water, the fizz produces a mixture of colors which are satisfying to our eyes. This satisfaction makes us feel better. Thus, Mo’s goal is achieved once we feel at ease because that is what she wants to give to her customers.
She has also held presentations which convey the recipe to enhance your bubble bath through bath bombs. People have enjoyed a lot in this journey. At present day, bath bombs from LUSH Cosmetics are widely known as compared to 1989.

What are bath bombs made of?
The recipe of bath bomb is no more a secret. It is something that can be done at home with the following recipe. The ingredients are specially chosen to react in water robustly and stay unreactive when dry.

Bath bombs include these specified parts:

Baking soda
Citric acid
Epsom salts
Essential oil
Olive oil

These ingredients are to be used after accurate measurements to produce the best kind of bath bombs. You may also add perfumes to add fragrance while taking a bath.
In scientific terms, bath bombs include weak acid and a Sodium bicarbonate base. The acids react to make sodium citrate and carbon dioxide.
Bath bombs are made by adding the dry ingredients together. They are mixed well enough. Next, all the liquid ingredients are mixed including color and fragrance as well. Most people tend to use lavender which contributes in relaxation. Then the liquid mixture is slowly added to the dry mixture to produce a colored blend. The last step will be to add the mixture into molds which tightly packs the particles together. Anyone who makes a bath bomb is suggested to do the last step as quickly as possible otherwise, it will dry out.
The recipe provided can be used by any person to create their customized bath bombs with a variety of colors and scent.

How should you use bath bombs?

Bath bombs are essentially made to give you a soothing feeling. It intensifies your bath to be more relaxing in every way. Apart from this fact, bath bombs are especially made to moisturize your skin and nourish it as it has different oils in it. It is a known fact that bath bombs come in various scents and colors. Sometimes bath bombs also include some items that are hidden inside it.
Therefore, there are some divergent ways to use bath bombs. Because of the items inside the bath bombs, you are suggested to wrap a fabric around your bath bomb. For example: a few bath bombs contain rose petals in it. When you will be putting these bath bombs into water, they will scatter petals on the surface of the water. But once you are done, they might get stuck in drain. To avoid this, you are suggested to wrap it around a thin cloth which lets the soap, fragrance and oils pass through, excluding the petals.
Second point you should note is regarding your bath bomb to last for a long time. You must already know that these bath bombs are very expensive to buy. Therefore, you must use it in such a way that it stays in your possession for a longer than usual. For this you are recommended to cut the bath bomb into halves. In this way, your bath bomb can be used for prolonged time.
A simple use is to fill in your bathtub with a suitable temperature of water. Try to fill it deep enough to make it more comfortable. Put your bath bomb into the tub after which it starts to fizz. It will make bubbles and start to dissolve into the water. You can now step in and relax yourself in it.
The steps to use a bath bomb are quite simple. In fact, it is obvious on the usage of a bath bomb. There is only one additional to follow in case you have items inside a bath bomb. You are suggested to use it with a thin fabric which holds up the items and keep them from going into the drainage systems. In this case, there is a company that sells bath bombs. They excel over everyone else because they are hiding jewels inside the bath bomb. Lotion Fast has become famous for putting in jewelry into bath bombs to surprise the customer. Our wholesale ring bath bombs have become very popular and our retailers are having great success with them.
Bath bombs are in use by spas as well. Since spas are solely made to provide relaxation to customers, their employees have introduced bath bombs in services. The color, fragrance and the moisture it provides contribute much more in giving you a refreshing feeling.

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