Silly Monkeys Surprise Bath Bombs
Silly Monkeys Surprise Bath Bombs

Silly Monkeys Surprise Bath Bombs

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Silly Monkeys Surprise Bath bombs Over 50 Different Ones!


We would like to introduce Little Buddies. Little buddies are awesome little collectible toy figures. Each surprise bath bomb has a little buddy inside them.They range in size, color, shape, animal, etc. Each buddy is unique and awesome in its own way! We are happy to offer you another awesome wholesale product to add to your line!

*Our Top Selling Monkey Farts Bath Bomb with A Surprise Silly Monkey Toy Inside! 

We can also put little buddies into any of our other 50 Bath Bombs for you. There is a MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY of 20 per fragrance! When you choose to place them into our other bath bombs. 

Are the buddies surprise bath bombs unisex?
Yes, our buddies toy bath bombs are unisex and come in many different colors.

What age kids are they recommended for?
Since buddies are small we recommend age 3 and up!