Dino Buddies wholesale surprise bath bomb
Dino buddies surprise bath bombs
dino buddies wholesale surprise bath bombs

Dino Buddies Surprise Bath Bombs

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After great success launching our ring bath bombs we are proud excited to now offer surprise bath bombs. Our Little Buddies & Dino Buddies line are going to be bath bombs with toys inside them. Same great concept as the ring bath bombs, after the bath bomb is done fizzing and bubbling there will be a little plastic capsule that floats to the top of the water, Inside the capsule will be a surprise Buddie. There is Large variety of different unique toys that you can find in each surprise bath bomb. They range in size, color, shape, animal, etc eace unique and awesome in its own way!

Are the buddies surprise bath bombs unisex?
Yes, our buddies toy bath bombs are unisex and come in many different colors.

What age kids are they recommended for?
Since buddies are small we recommend age 3 and up!