New Bath Bombs! Holidays are around the corner

Can you guess what is 2016's money maker? 

Thats right Bath Bombs

We are excited to offer 5 NEW bath bombs for the fall & Holiday Season! 

  • Harvest Apple 
  • Tiara Flowers 
  • Cinnabun
  • Mistle Toe 
  • Pumpkin Spice 

Each one unique in its own special way. For a limited time only. Let us know which one you like best as 1 of these 5 will be added to our yearly selection of over 45+ bath bombs. We are happy to offer you the internets largest selection of handmade bath bombs. Wholesale bath bombs are a excellent seller and if you aren't currently selling them we highly suggest it! Each bath bomb is approximately 4.5-5oz and is in comparison to a tennis ball in size. 


Another NEW HOT Item we recently launched are wholesale ring bath bombs these are our amazing bath bombs with a SURPRISE inside. Each bath bomb has a beautiful ring inside them. Each ring is placed inside a plastic capsule. Once the bath bomb is done fizzing the plastic capsule will float to the top of the water. This is a surprise that will leave a huge smile on your face, "as if our regular bath bombs already didn't do so".


Bath bombs have been rising in popularity since 2015 and are not slowing in momentum. This holiday season 2016 is going to be huge! Especially with ring bath bombs taking the spotlight. We are selling these faster then we can make them. 


Article provided by Joshua Crisp 














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