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Have you tried immersing yourself in some of the entirely organic and natural bulk bath bombs with rings meticulously concocted and handmade by Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers?

If you have yet to try one, take your pick now amongst our more than 60 varieties of ring bath fizzies. It is time for you to experience the healthy and therapeutic spa-like treatment courtesy of our bulk bath bombs with rings, with the surprise twist of receiving a gift during your bath.

For our retailer clients, you can personally use these ring bath fizzies as you pass it on to your own loyal retail customers who will in turn, savor the same pleasant experience.

Enjoy Bulk Bath Bombs with Rings from Lotion Fast

When you finally give yourself a treat to this home spa-like treatment with a surprise sterling silver ring, we guarantee you will return for more and purchase more from our vast catalog.

Buy bulk bath bombs with rings from us at Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers as we offer some truly great deals for you to purchase.

Browse and learn more in the ways you can benefit from our bulk bath bombs with rings. This is not just for your clients who are retail business owners, but also for our private consumers. Even our private individual consumers can receive the same advantages as our retailer customers do. Who knows? Your fascination with collecting bulk bath bombs with rings may even lead your becoming another one of our very successful retailers.  

Lotion Fast Premium Moisturizers Offers Each of Our Bath Bomb Variations with a Ring Should You Wish for Us to Customize It for You.

All of our original and regular bath bombs are offered with a ring, from Chocolate Mint to Pina Colada. Unlike our competition, we have picked certain flavors and scents to go along with the ring inside, and also offer all our varieties with a sterling silver ring too.

We have different ring designs which you will learn about, as soon as you open the capsule containing it, which will surface and float in your bath tub. It will be a very pleasant surprise, indeed.

We guarantee that these bulk bath bombs with rings are of the same excellent quality as their original concoctions, only this time, they are carefully made to be able to hold the weight of jewelry within them.

Our ring bath fizzies contain the same basic ingredients that make for awesome fizzies plus the flavor, scent and essential oils carefully chosen to blend in with each of them.

There are the foundation ingredients which are the smoothing effects of baking soda, the antioxidant palm oil and the healing citric acid or lemon juice.

All these healthy components are contained in each bath bomb and are purely organic and naturally extracted from their sources.

You Can Order Bulk Bath Bombs with Rings in an Assortment.

At Lotion Fast, transactions are made easy and worry-free for all of our consumers.

We offer you the option to purchase these ring bath fizzies in different flavors and scents which you can freely mix and match as you please. Our deal is for a minimum of 20 pieces.

Get in touch with us and learn more about our Lotion Fast wholesale deals for ring bath fizzies. If you are already definite about your choices and orders, shoot us a message at lotionfast@gmail.com.