Under water views of bath bombs! Fun to watch

Since bath bombs came out many people have taken videos and pictures of them to showcase they're beauty. All different types of colors and fragrances even sizes, and shapes. Although all may be different or unique in they're own way, they all do one thing. What is that one thing all bath bombs have in common you may ask yourself? They fizz , twirl and dance around in the bath tub which is very cool to watch and even cooler to witness. With todays technology there are new cameras and video cameras that you can use under water Go pro brand is a big one just to mention. This gives you a up close and personal view of what goes on below the surface of the water, I guess you could call it a fish eye view. But enough with the jokes and on to business. There are many people starting to take underwater videos and place them on social sites where you can watch them such as Vimeo, Youtube and I'm sure there are a couple other big ones that I forgot to mention. Of course you are also probably asking yourself how do these podcasters and youtube guru's afford to buy all these bath bombs to use just for videos? A majority of the time they don't even get in the water, I know what you guys are thinking what a waste of a beautiful bath bombs! It is because they buy wholesale bath bombs direct from manufactures or distributors like www.lotionfast.com .

Well you guys have been patient and waited long enough how about a video? What kind of video you guys ask? A video with underwater views of bath bombs




Here are our 3 Favorite  bath bombs and links to where you can buy them at wholesale prices! 

Black Bath Bomb              Crazy Love Bath Bomb          Petal Dance Bath Bomb