Surprise Your Loved Ones with Bath Bombs with Rings Inside

Fragrant jewels bath fizzy bombs are great gifts for women, especially those who are close to your heart such as your sister, mother, girlfriend or spouse.

Learn more about these luxury bath bombs and shop for them online for a nice gift on special occasions, and make these gifts unforgettable.

bath bombs that have surprises inside

What are Fragrant Jewels Bath Fizzy Bombs

Fragrant jewels bath fizzy bombs are luxury bath bombs that have surprises inside. Some collections of bath bombs are made not only for bathing, but for surprising your family, friends, and loved ones with a special gift, wrapped in a natural homemade lush bath fizzy. It is a new, fun, and exciting way to give surprises to anyone you love.

While some bath bombs have surprises inside and reveal other items such as toys for the kids, luxury bath bombs, on the other hand, are bath bombs with rings inside.

When to Buy Bath Bombs with Rings Inside 

  1. Birthday 

Surprise a friend, your mother, or your spouse with fragrant jewels bath fizzy bombs. You don’t have to tell them that they are bath bombs that have surprises inside. Watch their reactions when they discover that these are bath bombs with rings inside.

  1. Anniversary

Whether it is your own wedding anniversary or your parents or grandparents, give them a new ring in a new and surprising way which they will never expect. As the bath ball starts to fizzle and dissolve, the jewelry you hid inside will slowly reveal itself. The beauty of the ring hidden in a pearl fizzy bath bomb is a treasure and a great way to show them how special they are to you.

  1. Engagement

Would you like to experience a whole new way of asking your girlfriend to marry you? Increase your chances of receiving a kiss and a yes from her with this romantic gesture. Wrap a fragrant jewels bath fizzy bomb in a beautifully made gift package and have somebody deliver it at her doorstep. Call and ask her to use it immediately, without giving away the plan, and sit back and wait for her to discover that there is a hidden, beautiful and gorgeous sterling silver ring inside the fragrant jewels bath fizzy bomb.

fragrant jewels bath fizzy bomb

Create Your Own Homemade Luxury Bath Bombs

Be more creative in giving surprises to your loved ones by learning how to make your own luxury bath bomb. While you can shop for luxury bath bombs at online retailers such as Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon, you may even create your own DIY (do-it-yourself) bath fizzies.

Research on the internet how to make them or watch a video tutorial on Youtube. Contact a supplier who makes custom-made luxury bath bombs. Specify the details you want for the gift such as the colors and fragrance that you love, as well as the gorgeous sterling silver ring inside the luxury bath bombs.

Give a gift to the special person in your life that will be an unforgettable gift of a lifetime.